10 benefits of an essential oil diffuser!

Apr 20 , 2022

10 benefits of an essential oil diffuser!

The 10 reasons to adopt an essential oil diffuser

The diffusion of essential oils is a holistic care technique that cleans the ambient air by diffusing essential oils into the atmosphere. Thus, a cloud of subtle aromas rich in soothing and relaxing energies spreads throughout the room.

Diffusing essential oils is a natural healing technique that allows you to relieve headaches, breathe in fresh air, and live in a healthy environment.

1. Clean the air

We are often concerned about outdoor air quality, such as pollution, but rarely about indoor air quality. However, between paints, household items, and other cooking odors, there is also air contamination. This is why it is recommended to open doors and windows every day for at least 10 minutes of ventilation.

Nevertheless, some essential oils are antibacterial and/or antibacterial, so they can help you cleanse and purify your interior. Take as examples the essential oils of lemon, pine, lavender or peppermint. Remember to maintain your diffuser regularly to optimize its efficiency and enjoy all its benefits.

2. Scent the air

In addition to this purifying aspect, some essential oils simply bring fragrance and atmosphere to a room. Our diffusers can also scent rooms up to 30 square meters. They diffuse natural and organic extracts of plants, fruits or bark

3. To relax

Essential oils are recognized for their benefits and qualities. For example, some benefit from relaxing, soothing and comforting properties. Lavender, sweet orange, or tangerine are designed for rest and relaxation.

4. Sleep better and calm down

Other essential oils with calming properties, such as citrus, chamomile or lavender, are recommended before bedtime to help you fall asleep more easily. For example, lavender or sweet orange, promote sleep.

5. Strengthen the immune system and prevent certain diseases

Some blends help boost the immune system, such as essential oils with antiseptic and/or antiviral properties that help fight winter infections.

6. Breathe better

Certain essential oils help free the bronchial tubes and unclog the nose, such as eucalyptus and pine which help to facilitate breathing.

7. Relax and relieve pain

juniper fights tensions that accumulate in the body, lavender helps to relax muscles (against cramps and pain), and others more generally help to relax and relieve pain.

8. Keep mosquitoes and insects away

Citronella is known to repel mosquitoes and other insects. But instead of spraying it on your body, you can choose to diffuse its essential oil, which is safe for the skin.

9. Replace spark plugs

Some scented candles, although pleasant, can be allergenic. The diffusion of essential oils (by respecting the recommendations of duration) is not dangerous. If you want to use fewer candles and still enjoy a great smell in your home, you can replace the candles with an essential oil diffuser.

10. Enjoy multiple functions

It is always pleasant to relax or clean up your interior with a pleasant smell. Our diffusers combine other functions to maximize your well-being: the diffusion of music, light, mist... They awaken all the senses and offer you a multisensory experience.

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