Relaxing acupressure mat

Directly inspired by acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, our mat helps relieve back pain. This is a patented therapeutic mat whose surface is covered with stimulators in the shape of a lotus flower.

Similar to a good back massage, this mat relieves your spine spine permanently. In addition, the pimples act as a powerful analgesic by promoting the production of endorphin, a natural hormone that acts as a painkiller. The nervous tension disappears as well as your back pain.

Each use gives you a real relaxation session. Stimulators act on your body in five ways:

  1. They relax your back muscles deeply thanks to the spikes which increase blood flow
  2. They work on your nervous system by promoting endorphin production
  3. They strengthen and stimulate your blood system
  4. Help with back pain, tension, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue and many other conditions
  5. They stimulate the points by traditional Chinese medicine and activate the production of two substances by the body which helps relaxation and muscle recovery.


  • Product includes mat and pillow with storage bag
  • Color available: purple, blue, green, gray, black
  • Sizes tapis: 660mm*420mm*20mm
  • Pillow size: 400mm*150mm*100mm
  • Weight: 450g (matt); 200g (pillow); 50g (storage bag)