Purifying therapeutic shower

Discover our new shower with therapeutic effects. Indeed, thespherical mineralized negative ions purify the water and improve the absorption of mineral nutrients. The effects on your body are quickly visible and allow you to experience smoother skin, reduced oil secretion and increased cell viability.

Our mineralized stones for eco-filters have the function of increasing water pressure and oxygen content to reduce your fatigue after a hard day's work. It removes chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals, lead, chemicals and harmful bacteria.

  • Surface finish:Chrome
  • 3 pressure modes
  • Balls supplied but remember to replace them after 8-10 months
  • Type of installation: phand rise
  • The pipe is 2 meters
  • Size:21*9*6.3cm
  • Weight:190g
  • Standard interface:G1/2,Diameter=2cm