Remote essential oil diffuser

Performance timed aroma diffuser that uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil to produce a cool, soothing scented mist. With its remote control you can control it remotely and set a timer to broadcast whenever you want.

How to use the "Light" button?

  1. Press 1 time: Turn on the LED light, the color changes automatically

  2. Press 2 times:Choose one of the LED light colors that you like

  3. Press 3 times:Select color intensity between low or weak

How to use the "Mist" button?

  1. Press once:: continuous mist coming out

  2. Press twice: timer engaged for 1 hour

  3. Press 3 times: timer on for 3 hours

  4. Press 4 times: timer on for 6 hours

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  • Maximum quantity of water: 400 ml
  • Clean the cotton swabs regularly
  • Power cable supplied with its remote control
  • Light LED with 7 colors
  • Size: 168*240mm
  • Weight: about 800g
  • Mist Generated (gallon/day): 30ml/H
  • Humidification capacity : 400ml/h
  • Application: 21-30㎡